3Q, Same Day Psychic Reading, Fast Psychic Reading,Psychic Text Reading, Psychic Medium, Love

3Q, Same Day Psychic Reading, Fast Psychic Reading,Psychic Text Reading, Psychic Medium, Love

Psychic Reading, 3Q, Same Day Psychic Reading, Fast Psychic Reading,Psychic Text Reading, Psychic Medium, Love

You will receive:
A written message of your Psychic Reading

3 Questions – and be precise, specific, honest and clear!

Your details that I need are:
- your full names
- your date of birth
- a picture of yourself & the person in question
- your questions

The reading is back to you within 1 day.

Please be specific with your detailed questions for then I will receive a clearer picture into the answers that you seek… be honest, frank and do not be afraid to reveal your fears. It is important that I understand your question(s) and its meaning so that I can focus on what you need answering, so please ensure your question is clear, specific and unambiguous, and is not a question within a question. There is not time to decipher vague or incoherent questions, as I want to focus on the information you need answering. To avoid any delays in completing your reading please ensure your information is specific and easy to understand as requested. The more clear your question, the more detailed your answer will be. Also, add names, photo’s and dates of birth of anyone mentioned in your question if applicable.

You can send me your information here on the forum: http://forum.fateorfortune.com/member/26-goodkarma

Everything I receive is channeled, I am clairvoyant and I see images. I hear my information in words and my strong sense of inner 'knowing' clarifies the information that I receive from Spirit. I do not use tarot or other oracles. Every insight, guidance and information that I receive for you comes from Spirit, channeled through my higher self. The insight, wisdom and knowledge that is received is usually relevant to you in whatever your current situation/circumstance.

I can generally source any information that you ask once you give me your name and age and that of any other person in question. I can describe your emotional condition, the situation and events occurring in your life at present or the events surrounding the other person. I can see the condition of your personal relationships, your health or your love life. I am able to read energy from any personal connection that I have with you, such as your photograph and your personal presence via the internet. You can simply contact me on the forum: http://forum.fateorfortune.com/member/26-goodkarma

My Psychic Readings are Intuitive, informative/detailed, uplifting, spiritually comforting and yet quite down to Earth and useful.

The information that I receive is directly from Spirit and this information may or may not have any relevance in your life at this time and depending on the choices that you make, what I reveal to you will most likely come to fruition in the near future. I predominantly work with questions or specific areas of life… However, there is generally always extra insight/information that comes through also, which entices more questions and more insight.

For other types of Psychic Readings:


*** PLEASE NOTE ~ If I have not received your details within 2 weeks of payment, your reading will be considered completed. I do not keep records of past readings what so ever, so please do not email me after 2 weeks of payment saying that you did not send me your details or receive your reading. I do not give refunds. It is your responsibility to send me your details.

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