Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Psychic Reading - Deciphering Vocal Spirit Code to Reveal Meanings Behind Your Situations

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Psychic Reading - Deciphering Vocal Spirit Code to Reveal Meanings Behind Your Situations

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is considered a viable source of direct communication with spirits. This technique typically uses 'white noise' frequencies, such as those found between radio stations on analog devices.

As many will be aware, specialist devices of this nature have since been developed to replicate and control this effect in order to establish spirit contact.

Under these conditions, spirits communicate through a series of abstract words and short passages which makes this reading something of a curiosity in that it is entirely random in nature, and yet can be finely tuned from a psychic perspective.

Here I take the abstract message patterns and psychically decipher them into the real message spirit intended for you. as means to illuminate your path in relation to your enquiry.

Using such methods allows a free flowing line of communication with the spirits currently within your spiritual and physical vicinity - it is not typically something to use as means to communicate with your nearest and dearest whom have passed over - something my mediumship is better suited to.

This reading will reveal the prevailing energies around your situation as the spirits currently present in your physical and spiritual come forward to deliver their wisdom and counsel.

I use a variety of devices for this reading and will share the original recording(s) as mp3 files for you to listen to.

About me

I have been interested in the paranormal since the age of seven and come from a long line of natural psychics. This heritage has been traced back to the 15th century and I have a relative who operates within a realm similar to my own!

I personally carry an unusual and special birthmark which is known throughout history to be the particular sign of a witch. I first used Ouija at the age of 11, with cut-out letters and a glass!

I am now a diversely cultured occultist and intuitive psychic medium with a wealth of practical experience in the supernatural arts including international media work. My experience as a psychic medium spans nearly four decades and my extensive knowledge and continued research of the occult is a passion beyond my practice.

Please note that services of this nature are legally defined as being offered exclusively for entertainment purposes. Legal and medical issues are beyond the lawful remit of such services.


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