Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading - Deciphering Spirit Code to Reveal the Hidden Messages and Meaning within Your Dreams

Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading - Deciphering Spirit Code to Reveal the Hidden Messages and Meaning within Your Dreams

What is the meaning of your dreams and is someone from beyond trying to tell you something?

The spirits, guardians and angels often send messages whilst you sleep as do other astral beings from very many different realms.

When you fall into a deep sleep, your spirit ventures onto the astral planes whist remaining anchored to your physical self by a silver cord. Beyond the typical ‘brain shuffle’ - defragmentation of consciously assembled data - lies the transmission of this astral journey as a sequence of messages from your encounters within other dimensions.

Spirits often talk in signs and symbols and they frequently communicate to you through your dreams. This reading interprets the hidden meanings behind your dreams and looks at the messages that lie within your subconscious experiences.

My objective is to provide you with clarity and inspiration for moving forward in the situation in which you find yourself. I deliver honesty and reason during difficult times and intuitive wisdom with a sharp insight during times of opportunity.

Please include your name and date of birth together with any question(s) or details of what or whom you would like the reading to concentrate on. You may also request general guidance.

About me

I have been interested in the paranormal since the age of seven and come from a long line of natural psychics. This heritage has been traced back to the 15th century and I have a relative who operates within a realm similar to my own!

I personally carry an unusual and special birthmark which is known throughout history to be the particular sign of a witch. I first used Ouija at the age of 11, with cut-out letters and a glass!

I am now a diversely cultured occultist and intuitive psychic medium with a wealth of practical experience in the supernatural arts including international media work. My experience as a psychic medium spans nearly four decades and my extensive knowledge and continued research of the occult is a passion beyond my practice.

Please note that services of this nature are legally defined as being offered exclusively for entertainment purposes. Legal and medical issues are beyond the lawful remit of such services.


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