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Here are two of my favorite ritual successes: Money to buy whatever I want and one of my favorite girls. What are your goals?

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devotion love intimacy S&M obedience fetish

Mind-Shattering Domination of your target’s soul. Deeply penetrating force that controls their sexual desires. Control and command their sexual being. Imagine the one you desire completely submitting to your every whim. Imagine them giving in to your every desire, every command. What if your thoughts penetrated the deepest levels of their being, their very core being reprogrammed to serve you and make you happy? What if they were unable to reject you? With this extremely forbidden form of dark magic, derived from parts of the real Necronomicon in combination with other secret sources of dark magic, their soul and heart can finally be yours to do with as you wish! You give a command and they willingly obey. Immediate control of their will, and your thoughts and desires will be fulfilled. Complete subjugation of their will and binding of their pleasure to yourself. This forbidden sorcery will melt away their resistance and will wrap them around your finger. Experience total power and mind domination. You will make all the rules and they simply will have to obey and follow. This spell is for those that want to rule over another and be a King or Queen in every way. Don’t settle for less or suppress your dreams and desires any longer. There shall be no more regret in your life which build and builds, as most of your desires remain unfulfilled, slowly suffocating your happiness. Act now to regain your power, to regain control of that which others try to strip away from you. You deserve to have all your worldly desires satisfied. There are only few things more gratifying than having the one you desire fulfilling all your sexual needs. Make it a reality by purchasing this extreme form of mind subjugating power. All the powers you need will be bound to you and the very soul of the person you want and need enslaved to your will and pleasure. But be warned, when you obtain your newly obedient pet you will be responsible for any outcomes. If you no longer require them, this spell must be undone at any cost, unless you are prepared to face a potential stalker that’s become so addicted to your affections, that they simply cannot turn away from you! Don’t take this sorcery lightly.

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