I Will Do Theta Spiritual Energy Healing, Deprogramming

I Will Do Theta Spiritual Energy Healing, Deprogramming

Hi! I am a psychic since birth. I have a doctorate degree and used to work for well known corporation. Now, I follow my passion of using my psychic abilities to help people feel better, be happier and healthier and lead more fulfilling lives. I love doing Theta spiritual energy healings because they are so powerful and effective.

What is a theta energy healing? It is a technique that allows you to let go of the negative energies, emotions and limiting beliefs that are held in your body and mind.

I go into a theta meditative trance that takes me to a deep level of consciousness. From the deep trance, I am able to scan your body and mind for any low level emotions and negative energy. I meditate for 10 minutes to remove emotional blockage, negative thoughts (fears, anxieties, stress) and improve your spirituality.

People report being happier, healthier, less depression, stress and anxiety. When blockage is removed, people often have an increase in good fortune in romantic love, health and finances.

Send your first name and description of issue. I will provide a word document of my findings

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