Very powerful sigil binding – Enter a spiritual pact with any entity

Very powerful sigil binding – Enter a spiritual pact with any entity



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Very powerful sigil binding – Enter a spiritual pact with any entity

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One of the most profound connections you can form with an ethereal being is being soul-bound. Imagine being powerfully bound to one of the most powerful entities you can imagine. It can be any entity you desire. It can be from the celesteal, infernal or spiritual realm. Will you let the powers from the heavens infuse into your life, for divine intervention and protection? Or will you choose infernal powers that rule over more sinful domains? How about having spirits supporting you in your worldly endeavors and giving you greater intuition and insights in many different areas of your life? How would it feel to have an otherworldly friend, companion, servant or even lover be at your side whenever you need it? Some forms of sigil magic are really simple, while others are extremely complex. This sigil magic is considered high magic because it totally sigilizes an ethereal entity so that all it’s benefits can be drawn into your life and be bound to your very being. The entity will always hear you and be working on your goals whenever you request it. I will obtain consent from a type of entity that you choose, one that wants to come into our world to assist you, and experience the earthly realm. I will obtain the signature of your soul and the entities sigil. I will infuse both into an appropriate artwork. You can utilize this piece of art to meditate, gaze at and activate the connection. After some time, you should be able to communicate through dreams, meditation and even fully produce a manifestation with some practice. The art will be digital and you can print it as many times as you want. All you need to do in order to activate it, is gaze at it and call the entities name. To fully utilize your sigil you should learn some basic invocation or evocation techniques, but many benefits will be drawn to you with a more passive approach as well.

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